Searching for Meaning within the Sexual Revolution

Blog post #1

Whether we realize it or not, we are living in the most interesting eras since the 1960’s moral revolution.  Before our eyes, we are witnessing an attempt by our culture  to  redefine what it means to be a human being.  We are seeing a massive revolution in the realm of sexuality that has never been seen before in America, or really for that matter, anywhere else in the world.  This is a generation that your grandkids will be reading about in history books.  I know it is common for each generation to claim such things, but I do truly believe we are living in such an era.

There are many motivations for planting new churches, all that stem from one primary motivation - to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ for his glory to people who do not yet know him.  As we are doing so, we are also bringing an entirely different worldview with us, a worldview that has Jesus Christ on a throne.  We are claiming that he dictates the things we are to love, the way we work, eat, spend our money, and so forth.  It is not a scroll of dry and dusty rules and doctrines, but rather a life that is motivated by our love for Jesus and all that he has earned on our behalf.  He was, is and will be King of this Earth.  When he died, he claimed to have laid his life down for his brothers (John 15:13).  He died to begin the removal process of all that we see is wrong with this world - evil, wickedness and the like.  

His message, though, was that the removal process did not begin politically, like most revolutions do, like ours is happening now.  Rather it begins with building a bridge between man and God, a bridge that we destroyed by sin.  He died because we have all sinned, and God was so completely satisfied with his death that now all who believe on Jesus Christ finding cleansing from sin, are filled with his very Spirit, and then now have unrestricted access to our Creator God once again.  

The Curse of Man is being reversed as, one by one, people in this world believe upon Jesus.  As the curse is being reversed in our life, we look back upon the perfect life of Jesus for all the power and inspiration to live such a life today.  All people are created in the image of God, and through Jesus and the life he lived we are being restored to this image - like a puzzle that has been in pieces for millennia but whose pictures is now coming into view.  As this image is restored, Jesus said that the fullness of joy is available to us (John 15:11).  It’s indeed the best news in this world, for it unlocks for us the actual meaning and purpose of life.  The Church is indeed a City within a City - the very Kingdom of God within another Kingdom ruled by others.  Jesus rules his Church, and his people play by different rules than the Kingdoms of this earth.

And that is where we find ourselves today.  Christianity teaches that, if it were up to us to try and master human nature in order to bring about any perfect social order and meaningful way of life, that we’d not only fail but destroy ourselves.  History has only proven this to be true time and time again.  The Bible clearly speaks of the corruption that is inside all of us at birth (Psalm 14).  If we’re all honest, we know that little kids do not need to learn how to do wrong - they seem to have an autopilot to do wrong.  If we are all honest, we all live with moral restraints, but if we were to live according to our inward desires and cravings like the animals do in their kingdom and completely remove our moral restraints, the world would indeed burn.  

Our current sexual revolution is an attempt by our culture to master human nature.  They are trying to redefine what has been perceived as nature since our beginning, and now claim that we can choose to be whatever we would like to be. We are our own masters, and we have the ability to decide for ourselves what we want to be.  I fear that we are only going to destroy ourselves with such dogmas.  

Each empire throughout history has tumbled and fallen by various reasons, but the core of their crumbling apart can always be reduced to their people - their people who allowed their nation and empire’s culture from top to bottom to be determined by their cravings, and thus spin out of control.  Who are we to think that this will not happen today with us?  

We want to see churches planted all over New Jersey and all over the world because we want people to know the truth of why they exist.  For two millennia the church has withstood the collapse of all empires that have risen and fell around her - and she will continue until Jesus himself returns, even if we are marginalized more and more as each year passes by.

As we plant this new church, we pray that one by one people will learn and hear of the Good News of who they are and the life available to them in Jesus Christ.  It is such better News than what we find on our newspapers and political reports.  We have access to our Creator God through Jesus Christ.  And in his presence there is fullness of joy, pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11).