A Call to a Deeper Christian Life Part 1 - The Christian Life Requires Deep Thinking



At one of my old jobs, I used to sit next to a TV that played the top hits of that summer in pop/rock. The music isn’t bad, I guess, but in all of the songs, there is very little depth to the lyrics. During that year, the top ten on the billboard charts within the pop genre, nine out of ten songs are about love and relationships. Only one song is not, but rather is a song about a allowing a single night of no-limit-fun¨

This seems to have always been the case with top songs on the billboard charts. Even in the sixties, love songs dominated the charts. Now I’m not writing about the problem with love songs. I’m writing about the lack of depth these musical artists have provided for us. It speaks something of our culture when love songs are number one, whereas lyrically and musically deep songs (which still do exist) experience a much smaller portion of fame (oh if a modern Bob Dylan would dominate the charts!).¨

And it’s not just the music. Many of the top TV shows, movies, and novels are similarly shallow. Think of the stark difference between the classical music of old, or the Shakespearian era of drama, or the Herman Melville’s of writing - we’ve reduced these arts to aim more for entertainment as opposed to thinking (I am a sucker for cheap action movies, by the way).¨

For the church, this can become a problem. The Christian life is a call to a deep love and relationship with Jesus. It is a call for a deep experience of the love of Christ (Philippians 3:10) and your neighbor (Mark 12:31). It is a call for deep introspection as we are to learn how to empty ourselves of anything that comes between us and God ruling our hearts (Galatians 2:20, Romans 12:1). It is a call for deep prayer in seeking to know God in the most intimate of ways (Psalm 90). God is an eternal fountain, and we are called to dive in and explore his depths (Isaiah 12:3-6). It is a call for deep meditation in all nooks and corners in the Bible (Psalm 119:33-40). It is a call to a deep life. It is everything but shallow.¨

We are not used to such depth in our everyday lives. But upon reading the Bible, we see that Jesus is calling us to be deep people who know how to think deeply. It seems today that our culture wants you to avoid spending much time thinking.

Don’t allow yourself to be a shallow thinker. Dive into the depths of Jesus. He is eternally wonderful, and our hearts long to know him.

Dive in deep.

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